About Us

Axioma. (Lat. axiōma, Gr. ἀξίωμα, Eng. Axiom). A statement so clear and evident that it is generally accepted without proof or argument.

Not everything in business can be as clear and obvious as an axiom. Challenges and opportunities tend to present themselves clouded by uncertainty and ambiguity. Such is the case when venturing into international markets.

Axioma Group is an International Business Development consultancy focused on the Life Sciences, BioPharmaceutical, Medical Device, and scientific health-related industries.

We have helped numerous organizations increase their performance, profitability, and growth through global commercial operations, and have built a broad knowledge of international markets, regulatory issues, and practices to grow global distribution channels and serve clients across North America, Europe, and Latin America.

We are experts in Global Business Development dedicated to helping our clients grow revenues through international expansion. Along with an extensive overseas network of partners, we have over 20 years of experience helping our clients expand overseas resulting in over $500 million in additional revenue per year. We offer tailored solutions such as:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Global Business Development strategy
  • International Market Evaluation and Country-Specific Research
  • Patient Access
  • Pricing and Reimbursement
  • Global Health Economics
  • Establishing a Local/Overseas presence
  • Identification Evaluation of Prospective International clients and partners
  • Identifying and optimizing International Distribution Networks
  • Planning and Marketing at International Trade Shows
  • Partnerships, Joint Ventures, and Licensing Agreements
  • International Partner Management